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Knowing with nail fungus treatment to use can be an impossible task, especially when using the wrong one can waste your time and money.

Here at we've reviewed the top nail fungi cures to help you combat the discomfort caused by a fungal infection. When you're faced with these obstacles you don't want to have to worry about which product is the best one to use.

We've tested the best topical treatments and products on the market so you can make an informed decision.

We've ranked them towards the ingredients they contain and whether they work and are fully efficient. All you have to do is read our reviews and once you've made a decision just click to buy and you'll be taken directly to the manufacturers website where you can buy the best suited product for you. You may also be interested to find us on Google+

We've teamed up with most manufacturing partners to ensure you get the best deal possible on the internet. In no time at all your nail will once again be aesthetic and pain-free.

We look at:

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Nail Fungus Treatment Comparison Chart:

Below is a comprehensive comparison chart detailing the important information you need to know before choosing a product.

Nail FungiCure ZetaClear Reviews ZetaClear Reviews Claripro Reviews Claripro Reviews Funginix Reviews Funginix Reviews



# 1 Editors Choice

# 2 Second Choice

# 3 Third Choice

Overall Rating: 9.7 / 10 9.1 / 10 8.6 / 10
Function: + Number 1 Best Seller
+ Natural do-it-at-home Remedy
+ 100% Safe
+ Money Back Guarantee
+ No odor
+ Provides comfort
+ Speed of Results
+ Natural ingredients
Claripro renders outstanding long-term results without the need of any intrusive surgery. Scientifically designed to cure fungal infections, boasts quality ingredients only.
Medical Backings: It is made from 100% natural ingredients and approved by the FDA. Natural treatment endorsed by the FDA Contains blend of anti-fungal agents and extracts kills fungus. FDA-approved product.
Reported Side Effects: No reported side effects as of yet. No reported side effects as of yet. No reported side effects as of yet.
Long Term Benefits: 9.7 / 10 – Excellent! 9.2 / 10 8.9 / 10
Prescription: No, over the counter. No, over the counter. No, over the counter.
Customer Reviews: 5ratingStars 4ratingStars 3ratingStars
Trustworthiness: SSL SSL SSL
Price: $54.95 - Best Price Guaranteed $49.95 $39.95
Full Review: ZetaClear Reviews Claripro Reviews Funginix Reviews
Official Website: Visit ZetaClear Website Visit Claripro Website Visit Funginix Website

BEWARE: There are many Nail Fungi Infection Cures out there that simply don’t work! These products give bogus claims and people usually end up wasting their time and money on ineffective products. Here at we ensure claims are clinically proven and that the product will actually work!

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Top 3 Nail Fungi Treatment Products

We've had experts review the top treatment products out on the market in 2014 and have made a detailed comparison for you to make an informed decision. Please read below to find out which anti-fungus products were ranked in our top 3 by experts.

# 1 ZetaClear

ZetaClear is actually a natural product, meaning made from natural ingredients, that is manufactured to treat and cure nail fungi completely. This particular product can prevent nail fungus from spreading to the other nails too and it gets on the job right away to make the particular nail better.

ZetaClear is for you if:

  • Are experiencing severe pain in your nails or underneath it due to nail fungi infections.
  • If the fungus seems to be spreading from one toenail to the other or from one fingernail to the other.
  • You want to get rid of the problem quickly before facing any severe amputations which can happen if the fungus becomes really bad!
  • You are looking for a natural method to treat the nail fungi rather than using the traditional medications filled with chemicals and elements.
  • You not only want the nail to be cured but you also want to cure the problem, going to the root of things, to get the fungus out of the bloodstream as well.

Read our staff review of ZetaClear Now

# 2 Claripro

Claripro is a homeopathic treatment which is a 2 in 1 combination to deal with the fungi problem orally as well as topically. The difference is seen in a matter of days or a few weeks. It is the ideal nail fungus treatment method because it consists of natural ingredients which cannot cause any side effects and it also diminishes the nail fungus problem considerably.

Claripro also prevents the fungus from occurring again, as the spray that is in Claripro combination goes into the bloodstream and gets rid of the root cause of the problem.

Read our staff review of Claripro

# 3 Funginix

Funginix is a topical treatment which is used to completely cure the nail fungus that has spread. However, it not only eliminates the fungus present but also kills it. It is perhaps the only product that does that.

Funginix contains a lot of anti-fungal components and also has natural oils which combined together put a lethal effect on the causes and symptoms of the nail fungus. Funginix is a good agent and also stops the fungus from multiplying, which it is quite prone to do so.

Read our staff review of Funginix

More About Nail Fungi & Treatment Options Available

Introduction And Background

Treating and curing nail fungi is not that difficult but the problem portrays itself in public and especially when you have to eat something out of the same hands. How can you possibly take something in without the nails touching the food, right? Do not be afraid, it is a very common condition and can be fixed although it is hard to take care of the situation and bring it back to normal.

Nail type-fungus is not something to be scared of but it is better to avoid it on a whole and to know what exactly to do to avoid it. For those of you who are not sure what nail fungi is or on how to treat it, read on further to enhance your knowledge on the subject.

What Is Nail Fungi?

This is a condition in which there is a "fungal infection" in your nails. It starts off as small spots colored white or yellow on the nail but then can go on further to change the color of your nails completely and to roughen the edges and crumble them. This can be potentially very painful so it is better to deal with the problem when it hasn’t gotten worse.

It is not only concerned with the fingernails but it is common in the toenails as well. However, due to hygiene and body placement, we take better care of our hands and tend to keep them cleaner than our feet. This is the reason why nail fungi occurs in toenails more.

What Causes Nail Fungi?

Nail fungal infection can be caused due to various reasons and it also sometimes depends on the gender and the age. For instance, men are more likely to get nail fungal infection than women and it is more common in old age than young. Nail fungi can be caused by:

  • Low Blood circulation around the nail. If there is insufficient blood travelling or being provided to that area, it can change the nail color automatically and a fungal infection can develop.

  • An injured nail can also be infected quite easily by the fungus. In most cases, this is what happens. The person has had an injury and does not properly cleanse the wound or takes any further care of it which can cause nail fungus.

  • Wearing improper shoe size or giving your feet discomfort by wearing tight shoes is also one of the causes.

  • The same as improper shoe size, if one wears tight shoes with socks and gives no room for air to the feet, it can lead to this condition.

  • The environment also has a role to play. If the weather is mostly humid or moist, there are chances that you can be infected.

  • If your feet are used to sweating a lot and you do not take measures to take care of the problem, you can easily develop this problem.

  • Sometimes, it is not your fault or the weather or the shoes. Nail fungi can also be a genetic problem. It is fairly common in athletes and if you have a family history of nail fungal infection, chances are you’ll have it too.

  • If you are diabetic, have some disease or have a weakened immune system, nail fungi can easily come about.

  • Exercising in strange positions which causes pressure on the nails or causes it to break is one of the major causes of getting nail fungus.

What Are The Symptoms Of Nail Fungal Infection?

Symptoms of nail fungi are very easy to see and you can usually tell whether a person has it or not. The nails are thickened, distorted, pale, brittle and are usually yellow in color. At times, the nails separate from the nail beds too. There is also a foul smell that can be detected if the condition has gotten worse. Nail fungi patients, if they are allergic to "fungi", also have "rashes" around areas of their skin near the nail fungus.

How To Cure And Treat Nail Fungi?

Curing and treating nail fungi can become difficult sometimes and is known to take time. The same as curing acne, you have to be patient during the entire process. There are oral medications one can take to cure nail fungus and some treatments also include creams and ointments. There are also medicines such as Zetaclear, Claripro and Funginix. It is better to treat the condition quickly because a physician might have to remove the entire nail so that the infection does not spread and cause trouble in the body.


Treating and curing nail fungi can surely become a problem if you are not careful enough or see the problem quickly enough. There are many treatment methods available and most of them require good supplements which can get rid of the problem.

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